The Programmer's Return

Welcome to kennit's personal web page. Here you will find my little programming projects. You can also visit my blog.


example1 example2

Ledcraft is a led matrix simulation based stop-motion animator. Draw in the led panel and create your own animations. Save and load them or export them to GIF. It's all made in HTML5. It's my first project in a long long time. I learned HTML and Javascript with it and I'd love to hear how it works for you in my blog. Credit to the guys of Animated_GIF.js for their work. Try Ledcraft .

I also made an Android app version of Ledcraft which you can reach at Google Play Here is the source code for the V1.0 of the app


8 Android custom buttons example

full screen app

I made an example app and a tutorial on how to create custom android buttons.






RISC-V Assembly Language mini-tutorial

full screen app

Lately I've been studying the RISC-V microarchitecture and I made a quick tutorial of RISC-V assembly language. I hope my compilation of notes on the subject can help someone. I tried to go simple and concise, and I think it could serve as a quick introduction for people that are looking to start knowing the RISC-V platform.

I also bought a RISC-V Development Board, the NanoCH32V203. For which you can see and download my projects.

Finally, I made an online RISC-V simulator called WRV (Web RISC-V) programmed in HTML and Javascript. It's intended to help students and beginners create and run their first test programs in RISC-V Assembly. It includes a few examples. Here you can find it. You can download the source code with your browser or in my Github. Note that while my code belogs to public domain this project uses code from which have their own license.

Not long ago I bought a Milk-V Duo, another RISC-V Development Board, for which you can see and download my projects.


Sound and Music Creation

fm synthesis

If you like to create new sounds using FM Synthesis you might like this one. It's a tool for generating and downloading sounds crated with FM Synthesis. It has different algorithms to bend the waves in different ways.

I made a short compilation of what I used to make the synthesizer here

And a mini sampler that you can use to create rhythms here